The Path Forward

The Path Forward is Mountain View’s process of deliberate discussion and discernment as we seek to educate and inform our congregation and pray for the future direction of Mountain View.

***** Here is the official document produced by the Mountain View Path Forward Team *****

As you may be aware, there is much conversation about some of the current issues that are causing many United Methodist congregations to disaffiliate from the denomination. We seek to determine the best course of action for Mountain View, as we gaze into the future God has in store for us. The purpose is not to persuade, but rather to present the major issues confronting the United Methodist Church. Mountain View’s future will be decided by you, the members.

 The Path Forward Task Force is made up of five members, representing a wide spectrum of ages, theological views, and the number of years involved at Mountain View. The members are:

Tanner Adams, Kathy Gregorcyk, Stephanie Herring, Jody Ray, Tim Watkins, Gary Slother (Leader)

Sunday, October 16 - We will welcome a guest speaker, Jeff Jernigan, who will present the reasons why a church should disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church. Just like the meeting on Sunday, October 2, this session will be in the Fellowship Hall, immediately following our  morning service, and a light lunch will be served.


On October 2, a guest speaker, Randy Hardy, shared his viewpoints on why we should NOT disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church. Here is the Video of the October 2 session with Randy Hardy

On October 16, a guest speaker, Jeff Jernigan, shared his viewpoints on why we SHOULD disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church. Here is the video of the October 16 session with Jeff Jernigan.

On November 13, the Path Forward team led a short summary of where we currently stand. Here is the ten-minute video from that event.

Here are the documents provided by Randy Hardy -

Reasons NOT to disaffiliate:

Here are the documents provided by Jeff Jernigan -

Reasons TO disaffiliate:

Document - Things to Consider Document - Sinking Sand: Why I'm Leaving the United Methodist Church
Document - Things to Consider Document - On Separation, Schism, and Seasons
Document - Be UMC - Reasons not to Disaffiliate Document - Misinformation Abounds
Document - Unity: More than Just a Word Document - More on Misinformation
Document - Reasons for Joining the Global Methodist Church
 If you have any questions, we invite and encourage you to submit them before the meetings so we can have time to research to provide the most detailed answer. You can submit questions to .

 Resources for the Two Perspectives