Bethlehem Walk


November 4, 2020

Press Release

Since 1992, the annual Bethlehem Walk at Mountain View United Methodist Church attracts over 5,000 people each year, presenting a live recreation of the Christmas story. This has become a well-known tradition throughout our community, drawing families from all across metro Atlanta. Through elaborate costumes, live actors, and exact attention-to-detail, Bethlehem Walk takes people on a multi-sensory journey to this ancient city where Jesus was born. This annual event appeals to people of all ages and stages of life, as they experience both education and inspiration.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives, but it hasnt changed our desire to make a powerful impact on our community. At Mountain View Church, our doors may be closed, but our hearts and hands are not. At Bethlehem Walk, we value each persons health and safety, and we are using this as an opportunity to cultivate new ideas and presentation.

Our 2020 virtualversion of Bethlehem Walk will break new ground through innovative theatrics and multi-media technology. Now, you can watch from the comfort of your own home, visiting Bethlehem from your couch while snuggled warmly in your pajamas! No lines, no wait, no rain, no frigid temperatures!

In early December, we will announce the exact release time of this virtualBethlehem Walk. It will be available on YouTube, Facebook, and the church website -

For information, please contact the Mountain View Church office at 770-928-0050 or .

Mountain View United Methodist Church

2300 Jamerson Road / Marietta, GA 30066 (770) 928-0050

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Each year since 1992, Mountain View UMC in Marietta, GA has presented this interactive event to the community. You can walk through the streets of Bethlehem and haggle with the shopkeepers, sign the census and pay your taxes to Caesar Augustus's tax collector. You can also sample the fine dried fruits, enjoy a tasty cup of hot apple cider, and try out the freshly made samples of bread at the bakery. At the end of your journey you will find God's most precious gift. His newborn son will be wrapped in swaddling clothes and found in the stable on the edge of town.

The entire event is free. We do accept donations but that is up to each traveler's own decision.

     Beautiful production with scenes from Bethlehem Walk. Enjoy! 

     Following the walk, enter the sanctuary and enjoy some quiet time or music. 

Reservations are ONLY for the Preschool Morning event. To sign up for the Monday, December 9th Preschool Morning please click here: Preschool Sign Up

Important Facts to Know BEFORE You Go:

  1. Nothing is for sale in the city
  2. All shopkeepers and citizens are volunteers.
  3. Lost parents should report to synagogue or storyteller's booth to be reunited with their children.
  4. Pictures are allowed.
  5. Only service dogs are welcome.
  6. The hot cider is HOT.
  7. Handicap parking is available.
  8. Large groups should call 770-928-0050 for van and bus parking or email
  9. Porta Potties and restrooms are available
  10. Comments and Prayer Requests are welcome. 

The picture above depicts a typical night in the city. Torches light the streets; shopkeepers show their wares in hopes of raising enough money to pay their taxes. Incense and music fill the air adding to atmosphere that creates a sense of a different time and place.

The picture above depicts a typical night in the city. Torches light the streets; shopkeepers show their wares in hopes of raising enough money to pay their taxes. Incense and music fill the air adding to atmosphere that creates a sense of a different time and place. 

Would You Like to Help?


This ministry is an outreach and needs prayers for provision, safety,  good weather, willing workers, and people to come hear the Good News.


Take cards with you to share with friends. Share information with your friends on Facebook , Instagram, and Twitter Handout cards about our ministry. If you have Bethlehem Walk shirts wear them during November and December.


There many roles where you can participate in Bethlehem Walk. Below is  brief description of the needs for each area and forms if you would like to sign-up to volunteer or reserve your groups time for the Friday Morning Performance,  if you would like detailed information on the volunteer areas click the more info button below.

We welcome your involvement! Cast, Crew & Volunteers Registration:

Cast & Crew More info

Construction building the bridge, the nativity, and the city. decorating and taking down the city. This crew needs 25-30 people. Clint Rex is the City Engineer and supervises the crews for each task.

Kitchen - feeding up to 240 people takes lots of help. 

Sanctuary  - 12-18 needed for welcoming guests back to the 21st century.

Shopkeepers - all shops require at least one shopkeeper.

Townspeople - what is a town without people?  

Nativity - Mary, Joseph, Shepherds (2 or more), Angels (up to 4), wise men 3-4 are needed each performance

Roman Soldiers - Rome's finest protecting the interest of Caesar.
Support Crews  - Backbone of the behind the scenes people.
  • Clean up nightly 6-8 people nightly to help clean up city and kitchen
  • Costumes, make-up and beards-- townspeople, shopkeepers, Roman soldiers, Nativity cast all need help with getting period costumes on appropriately
  • Sound and light crew 2-4 each performance
  • Cider booth uses 2-3 adults and 4-6 youth
  • Hot chocolate for the town- 3-4  people
  • Parking -- no costume required 6-8 needed
  • Nursery Workers at least 2 adults each evening and possibly 1-2 youth as well.

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For questions, please email:   .